What is IPO | IPO in share market in India

The number of people investing in the stock market of India is increasing very fast, but there are many people in the stock market who are investing their money in it without the knowledge of the stock market and thinking that in a short time their Money will be doubled, in the end, such people leave the stock market after making a loss by calling it gambling.

Therefore first, take full knowledge of the stock market and then invest in it. Today we will talk about what is IPO, what is the full form of IPO and how can we invest in an IPO

This year, the Indian stock market has reached new highs (2021) In comparison to other nations, the Indian stock m

arket has produced excellent returns, and numerous companies, including Paytm and Nykaa, have launched initial public offerings this year. Please explain what an initial public offering (IPO) is in Hindi.

What is IPO in India?

IPO i.e. Initial Public Offer, if it is understood in simple language, then IPO means a private company going public and getting your company listed in the stock market.

Many companies who want to take their company forward but do not have the money they get, bring their company's IPO as if they get their company listed in the stock market and get money from the people and use that money. In order to take her company forward, instead, she gives shares of her company to those people. In IPO, the company gives an opportunity to the general public to invest in its company.

What is the Full Form IPO?

The full form of IPO is an "Initial Public Offer" as its name suggests.
In IPO a private company is public and listed on the stock market and common citizens get a chance to invest in that company.

IPO Full-Form – Initial Public Offering

What happens after the company's IPO comes in the stock market?

After the IPO of any company comes, that company goes from private to public company and after that, the shares of that company can be bought and sold in the stock market. After the IPO comes, the value of the company also increases, it is a big deal for any company to come to the IPO.

Upcoming IPO list in India 2022 – List of upcoming IPOs in India's stock market in 2022

Issuer CompanyExchangeOpenCloseLot SizeIssue Price
Issue Size (Rs Cr)
Metro Brands Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 10, 2021Dec 14, 2021
C.E. Infosystems Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 09, 2021Dec 13, 2021
Euro Panel Products Limited IPONSE, SMEDec 14, 2021Dec 16, 202120007045.50
Shriram Properties Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 08, 2021Dec 10, 2021125113 to 118600.00
RateGain Travel Technologies Limited IPOBSE, NSEDec 07, 2021Dec 09, 202135405 to 4251335.74
Nupur Recyclers Limited IPONSE SMEDec 13, 2021Dec 15, 20216034.20
Upcoming IPO list in India 2022

How to apply for IPO?

Hope you know by now what is IPO, let us now know how to apply for IPO. You can also apply for IPO online, and we should also tell you how much money you can earn from IPO and whether you should take IPO or not.

To buy an IPO, you will need a Demat account and trading account, along with a PAN card and a bank account. If you have everything, then you can apply for IPO very easily.

In this blog, we will tell you how you can apply for IPO with groww app, that too in a few minutes, so let's know how to apply for any IPO from groww app step by step.

How to invest in IPO? – Step by Step

Step 1: First of all, you have to create your Demat account in the Groww app, after that click on the stock market option.

Step 2: Now you will get the option of IPO and SGB. You have to click on IPO. After doing this, the list of Upcoming IPOs will come in front of you.

Step 3: Now you have to select the company for which you want to apply for IPO and click on it.

Step 4: Now you have to bid, how many lot shares you want and at what price you have to enter the details in the bid, after that click on the button of Continue. (Meaning of lot in IPO – IPO consists of the number of shares of the company in 1 lot, the number is determined by the company before bringing the IPO)
Step 5: Once the bid is placed, you have to make the payment from your bank account and after that, you have completed applying for IPO.

When and where do we get IPO shares?

We get the shares of IPO in our Demat account the next day after the close date of IPO, after that we can sell those shares. And if we do not get the IPO, then the payment made for the IPO is refunded within 7 days.

Benefits of IPO

  • In the IPO, the shares of the company are available even before the stock market comes in, due to which there is a lot of jump in the shares of the company after listing in the stock market.
  • As soon as the company gets listed in the stock market after IPO, it means that it is new in the stock market, due to which its chances of giving good returns are good.

Disadvantages of IPO

  • Ipo is also very risky as we saw in Paytm's IPO, as soon as Paytm was listed in the stock market, its shares fell by 30%. The market risk in IPO is very high.

What did we learn today?

In this blog post, we have learned what is IPO, what is the full form of IPO and how to apply for IPO. Hope you have liked our blog and today you must have learned something new from our blog, if you liked our blog, then definitely share it with your friends and family so that they can also know about IPO.

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