How to get the Golden Pharaoh X suit in PUBG Mobile BGMI

PUBG Mobile (now BGMI) has launched its first upgradable suit in the game. This particular post will help players how to unlock the Golden Pharaoh X Suit in the PUBG Mobile game.

In PUBG Mobile, the Golden Pharoah X Suit is the first upgradable suit. This is how gamers can get it. PUBG was one of the most popular battle royale games at the time. Its peak popularity occurred when Fortnite was still a relatively young game.

Golden Pharaoh X suit

The difference was that one game, PUBG, was more focused on realistic and grounded gameplay, while Fortnite was more centered on wild antics and a fun and challenging building concept. Despite this, the game's mobile edition has been a hit, allowing gamers to take their PUBG experience with them wherever they go. In PUBG Mobile, here's how to earn the new Golden Pharaoh X Suit.

Despite the fact that this garment is purely decorative and has no effect on gameplay, it is nevertheless a noteworthy find. The Golden Pharaoh X Suit is the first of its type, allowing players to customize their appearance by upgrading their items.

It can be leveled up to six times, with each rank transforming the design into something more complicated. Star Fragments and Star Forge stones can be used to improve this item. To begin with, though, there are only two ways to earn the Golden Pharaoh X Suit. This article will show you how to get this new and unique skin in PUBG Mobile.

Players must first travel to the game's main lobby, where they will see a spin icon in the right-top corner of the screen. They will be taken to the lucky spin area after clicking that.

There are only 2 ways to get the Golden Pharaoh X suit in BGMI or PUBG Mobile :

1. From Lucky Spin :

The lucky spin can only be done 5 times with silver pieces, and each spin costs 300 silver fragments. Players will have to spend UC to spin after the first 5 spins. Players should spend their in-game currencies wisely because a single spin costs 60 UC and ten spins cost 600 UC.

lucky spin for Golden Pharaoh X suit
lucky spin for Golden Pharaoh X suit

2. Gift from another player :

A player can also receive the Golden Pharaoh X costume as a gift from another player for 1000 Pharaoh's gold. From the prize redemption section, players can also gift the outfit to someone else.

Reward redemption
Gift from another player

Players must first click on the gift box icon in the lower-left corner of the screen and then select their wish and present. It costs 1000 pharaoh gold, which you can get by spinning the fortunate wheel.

The set can only be gifted once per player. The gifted player must go to their in-game mailbox and claim the "Pharaoh's Memory" item to obtain the outfit. They will be able to redeem it from the inventory later.

Currently, These are the only two ways through which players can obtain the Golden Pharaoh X Suit.

Upgrade the Golden Pharaoh X suit

The Golden Pharaoh X costume is PUBG Mobile's first upgradable outfit. Needless to mention, a player must first obtain the outfit in order to enhance it. Players can enhance it from the star forge area after obtaining it.

It is possible to enhance the outfit to level 6. To enhance the outfit, players will need two items: Starforge stone and Star fragments. These two things can be obtained through the lucky spin or by spending Pharaoh's gold cash at the redemption center.

upgrade the Golden Pharaoh X suit
upgrade the Golden Pharaoh X suit

I hope this article has given you clear instructions on how to unlock the suit. If you've any doubts please comment below and we will clear it.


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