Top 5 Free Fire Character in 2022 | How to get Character in Free Fire

These are Some highest Crossing characters in the free fire game. Garena free fire is a battle royal game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena on android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game in 2022.

free fire characters
  1. Alok
  2. Wukong
  3. Jai ( new character)
  4. Joseph
  5. Hayato

1: Dj Alok Free Fire Character : 

Dj Alok is a world-famous Dj player. When Alok was launched in the free-fire he was mostly loved by all players and he was the second character with some unique ability.

Dj Alok's ability in free fire 

Alok's ability creates a 5m aura that increases ally movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5s. At the maximum level, players will be able to create an aura that restores 5 HP for 10 seconds and increases allies' movement speed by 15%.

From where or who to buy a Dj Alok

You can buy DJ Alok in-store for 599 diamonds. In past, there was an event in which the Alok was available only by 199 diamonds.  

2: Wukong Free Fire Character

Wukong is not in real life like Dj Alok or any other characters. He is similar or identical to Monkey king. Monkey king is Character in Chinese Films. wukong is the first character with a unique ability. 

The ability of wukong in free fire

Wukong's ability is called Camouflage, and it can only be used when the players are standing still. It has a cooldown of 300 seconds. There are eight levels of the character, and with each level, the ability enhances. At the maximum level, the cooldown reduces to 200 seconds. A Wukong is available in-store by 599 diamond 

3:  Jai Free Fire Character (Hrithik Roshan) 

Jai's character belongs to Hrithik Roshan. He has the same body structure and face look as Hrithik Roshan. The character was initially leaked in July, and the fans had been eagerly waiting for his introduction to the game.

The ability of Jai in free fire

Jai's ability is called Raging Reload, which automatically reloads the gun's magazine by 10% of its maximum capacity after taking down an opponent. With the increase in level, the ability also enhances. At the top level, it automatically reloads the magazine by 25%.

Jai is not available in store yet know according to 2020 September. It may available in November

 4: Joseph Free Fire Character : 

Joseph is known as a gentleman with "Nutty Movement" ability. He is 45 years old. His specif ability is speeding up when getting damage, even the damage from the electric circle

The ability of joseph in Free Fire 

Joseph is one of the best characters in Free Fire because of his speed. He is significantly faster than his opponents in a fight. His movement and sprinting speed can be increased by 20% upon taking damage. This crazy movement ability allows Joseph to kill his opponents in a flash and disappear from the spot. To buy it you can check the store or If you top up for the first time then you can get free

 5: Hayato Free Fire Character 

Hayatoisa legendary Samurai. Hayato is a Samurai Character in Garena Fre Fire 

Ability of Hayato

His skill is named Bushido. It increases the penetration of the armor by 7.5 percent, with a maximum HP decrease of 10 percent. Character levels are eight, and ability increases with each level. At the maximum level, each decrease of 10 percent in the maximum HP results in a 10 percent increase in armor penetration.

You can buy Hayato store buy diamonds or gold 

So, These are Some Best Gaming Characters in Garena Free Fire. Hope Free Fire will Launch More Such Awesome Gaming Characters in Upcoming Times. If you Like this Article Dot Foret to Share With Your Free Friends. 

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