New Season 7 and legendary Reaper Ashura in CODM

CODM has recently announced the Season 7 Update in the game along with a small trailer confirming the legendary Reaper-Ashura is coming next season.

We also have a few tweets from cod mobile that confirm this.

This time Season 7 will have a futuristic theme along with a Battle Pass that will have 50 tiers of exclusive content.

Players will have the ability to unlock all the 50 tiers of Season 7 Batlle Pass by purchasing the premium Battle Pass from the code store.


However, for F2P Players there are also a plenty of free items In season 7 update that can be unlocked from the Battle Pass, including the new weapon known as Hades LMG.

Players of CODM can unlock the weapon or gun Hades LMG for free by moving to tier 21 in the free Battle Pass of Season 7 in call of duty mobile game. Tier 50 will also have an epic blueprint for the same weapon, that will be exclusive ONLY to premium Battle Pass owners.

We can also find a new operator skill that COD Mobile Game has officially announced in the S7 Update. The operator is the KINETIC ARMOR that will be launched in the game in Season 7 Update.

Those who play Test Server already know about this, but previous time Kinetic Armor did not come in the Season 6 update.

The Kinetic Armor operator skill will increase the base health of gamers from 100 to 250. But, it will only protect the player from bullets and nothing else.

Kinetic Armor does not protect the players against other weapon attacks such as melees, explosive damage, headshots, or incendiaries.

In spite of such news the actual application of this Kinetic armor will be tested only when the skill comes out in COD Mobile Season 7. Aggressive fraggers will find good use of the armor in re-spawn modes who tend to ton multiple fights simultaneously.

Legendary Reaper Ashura

In the season 7 announcement teaser we also found leaks about the Legendary Reaper-Ashura. So let's look at a few details about this.

On Twitter the popular game leaker Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News or PlayCODNews has confirmed this in the Season 7 update.

This character's skin was teased a long ago and is expected to be seen as the second legendary operator in COD Mobile.

But as we know the Legendary Reaper Ashura could not make it to the list and it was Mace who made it to the list and Reaper was kept for a later part. Now after a long time this skin is coming out in the game.

From sources, we also come to know that the reaper Ashura skin will probably also include a legendary skin for the Crossbow, which will also be a unique item that players will have to look about.

Release Date

Finally talking about the date of release of the Season 7 Update in Call of Duty Mobile, the update will be rolled out to all the users or game of the entire world at 5:00 p.m. PDT Timing.

The date of the release id decided as August 25.

SO hopefully you can expect to see the Season 7 update in the game by August 25 at 5 pm PDT.

I will be converting this time into the popular time zones now, So that you don't have to worry about when will the update especially rollout for you.

IST Timing- 5:30 pm

Pacific Time (PT)- 8:00 am

These were the major time zones of the world that I have covered in the article. If your time zone is not listed above, then please go to this site and check it yourself.

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