How to get NEW COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile mp matches

Are you trying to get the new COMEBACK Medal in cod mobile? This article will help you in getting the NEW COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile game by playing a couple of MP Matches in the COD Mobile Game!

There are a lot of medals that can be found in the call of duty mobile but out of all these, I must say Comeback Medal is one of them that you should definitely have in the game.

There are a total of 86 medals that the players can earn in the game. 43 of these medals can be acquired in multiplayer mode and this is one of the most important of them.

Having a lot of medals in your player portfolio gives a good impression of you to the people who stalk your game profile and also gives you an inner satisfaction that you have accomplished something good in the COD Mobile Game.

About Comeback Medal-

And in this article, I'll be covering a few tips on what you have to do to get the NEW COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile.

The COMEBACK Medal belongs to the Killstreak Medal category in the game.

And to get this medal you have to just do some simple steps like Kill enemy after you have died for 3 (three) or more times without getting a kill in the game.

Steps to get Comeback Medal-

First of all, Select the Multiplayer Mode in the game.


Then you have to start playing on the map of your choice for instance I am playing on the Scrapyard map in Multiplayer MP Mode to show you guys how to get this medal easily.

Now the next steps are going to be a piece of cake for you. You just have to not kill any enemy and get yourself killed a minimum number of three or 3 times in the game. Yes, it's that easy to complete it.

Now, as soon as you get killed for three or more times in the MP Match you will automatically get the Comeback Medal without doing any further work.

How to get NEW COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile mp matches
How to get COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile mp matches

In the above image, I have demonstrated how to achieve this medal. That's it and you will have your medal in your player portfolio.

Now with this medal, you can flex it in front of your friends and squad and teammates and I am sure they will get jealous of you. This medal gives a great sense of pride in us when you have it

And thus I strongly all the COD Mobile Gamers to get this as it would represent a good image of you in front of everyone.


To conclude in this article I have properly demonstrated How to get the NEW COMEBACK Medal in Cod Mobile by playing mp matches and also explained it to you through proper visualization.
I hope all your doubts have been cleared after reading this but still, if you have any more doubts then please feel free to ask them in the comments.

I will definitely try my level best to address all your queries and help you in getting this medal in the game.


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