How to Earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile 2022

Do you want to know How to Earn a Relentless Medal in the COD Mobile game in the year 2021? In this article, we'll be seeing what are the easiest ways to get the Relentless Medal in the Call of Duty Mobile game.

The Relentless Medal comes under the Killstreak medal category of cod mobile. It is quite easy to get the medal of killstreak when you know the exact way how to get it.

In this article, I'll be sharing four ways how you can earn the Relentless Medal easily without any hard work.

But before that let us see what is actually required to get the Relentless Medal-

Earn Relentless Medal-

For getting the Relentless medal you just have to Kill 20 enemies in the call of duty mobile game without dying. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's NOT!

But don't worry I'll be telling a few ways on how to get Relentless and these ways are the easiest ones to get the desired medal.

1. Using Scorestreaks

Earn Relentless Medal
Earn Relentless Medal

Scorestreaks should be used by cod mobile players whenever possible or powerful operator skills as they are too overpowered or OP and can kill enemies from a large distance in just a single shot.

2. weapons with a high fire rate

Tricks to get the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile
Tricks to get the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile

To get the maximum possible results you should use weapons with high fire rates as they make it easy for the players to take down enemies in short-range combat fights. These weapons come with a lot of ammo capacity which if used wisely has the capacity to drop multiple players or bots in just one full magazine. Fennec SMG is one such type of powerful weapon you'll find in COD Mobile that players can use along with the Akimbo Fennec method or perk to double the firepower.

3. Playing Safely

Earn Relentless Medal
Earn Relentless Medal

Now it might sound boring to most but it is very important to play the game safely in order to avoid getting killed on COD Mobile. Also, players should be aware of the map where they're playing and also its surroundings and ensure that the map is very well known to them. Every MP map has a safe spot in it. While looking for target opponents or enemies, players must hide in secret spots and avoid rushing to dangerous or prone locations.

4. Playing non-ranked MP matches

Four ways to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile

This is very important to note that players are not trying out this in ranked matches because any mistake in the game can be significant as you'll lose your rank. It is better to play the game in the early mornings as no players are active then and so you'll find comparatively lesser players.

As a result of the lesser number of players in the game you'll be matched with bots and we very well know that it is a lot easier to kill bots than actual human players.

Players easily spot AI bots of COD Mobile through their Weird gameplay style. Most of the bots don't even cover and will simply run and shoot anyone in sight. Thus Players can spot such bots and get some easy kills in the match. I hope this article gave you a clear idea of how to earn the Relentless Medal in COD Mobile in the year 2022.

If you have any further queries regarding the relentless medal in the cod mobile game then please comment below and I will definitely help you in the issue.

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