How to earn the Pacifist Medal in Season 3? CoD Mobile

Wondering How to get the Pacifist Medal in Season 3 call of duty mobile? We will explain the easiest and most practical way to earn Pacifist Medal in codm 2021

COD Mobile game has recently launched the Season 3 Update and named it the Tokyo Escape. In this Royal Fanatic Seasonal Event, all gamers must earn the Pacifist Medal at least twice or 2 times in Battle Royale BR mode in order to complete the challenge.

The game now requires its beloved gamers to stock up on ample weapons and ammunition and to go on a killing spree and become the sole survivor of the code game. This makes earning the Pacifist Medal quite a challenging task for gamers.

Tricks to earn the Pacifist Medal
Tricks to earn the Pacifist Medal

Tricks to earn the Pacifist Medal

Now let's move on to how you can earn the pacifist medal in the cod mobile game easily. There are may ways to do that basically but in this particular article, we will be seeing the easiest way how to do it because everyone loves doing easy things in cod mobile.

The prestigious Pacifist Medal is given to players who rank in the top 10 leaderboards without killing any enemy. Players will have to save their survival skills to earn this medal. It is a bit tricky to survive without using any weapon while being relentlessly attacked in the game by your enemies.

The source for the above article is JHC Gaming a popular YouTuber of cod mobile who has great knowledge of the code game.

The Youtuber JHC Gaming doesn't recommend performing this trick in solo v solo mode. He claims that in this mode if gamers try to hide in the nooks and corners of the map, bots will spawn nearby and start attacking and thus bring in attention.

If players want to earn the pacifist medal in solo mode, then the best way to do so would be by acquiring a vehicle, or probably a helicopter, and maneuvering across the map in code to stay alive throughout the match.

Another option could be to play a solo vs squad match. Although players will be against 4 squads, it would become a lot easier to rank in the top 10 amongst 25 squads rather than 100 individual players. In solo vs squad mode, opposing squads would be busy fighting with each other, thereby killing players faster than in the solo vs solo mode.

How to get PACIFIST MEDAL in Call of Duty Mobile
How to get PACIFIST MEDAL in Call of Duty Mobile

Tips for Pacifist Medal COD Mobile

There are no shortcuts to getting this Pacifist medal however we have given some tips and tricks above that might help you get the Pacifist medal faster.

Start off, by landing somewhere far from the Dropship. This way, you will be most likely to avoid enemies. Also, upon landing make sure to start collecting a lot of health items like First-aid kits, bandages, and adrenaline. The more the better.

If you stumble upon some bots or NOOB unarmed enemies the very time you land, make sure to resist the temptation to kill them as you will have to Rank in the top 10 without having killed anyone.

So please note this in your mind and don't commit any such mistakes

I .hope all doubts have been cleared regarding how to get the medal. If you have still doubts please contact me in the comments.

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