How to earn NEW Bloodthirsty medal in COD Mobile 2022

Getting a Bloodthirsty medal in COD Mobile is very easy. The Bloodthirsty medal is one of the many medals that you may find in the game.

What is the Bloodthirsty medal?

First, let's try to understand what is the Bloodthirsty medal all about in the call of duty mobile game?

This Bloodthirsty medal is yet one of the many medals that players can earn while they are playing a COD Mobile match. These medals are given out to players when they accomplish something in a match. Some of these accomplishments are major kill chains, headshots, or just kills with equipment and streaks like the Sentry Gun.

These medals like the Bloodthirsty medal are kept in the achievements and medals tab, where they are stored in a gamer's profile.

Now let's see what we have to do in order to earn the Bloodthirsty medal in the call of Duty Mobile Game.

Easily get Bloodthirsty medals in COD Mobile-

Cod Mobile how to get bloodthirsty medal
NEW Bloodthirsty medal in COD Mobile

In Call of duty Mobile Bloodthirsty medal can be easily earned by just killing or eliminating 5 or five enemies or opponents without dying yourself. Since this falls under the MP multiplayer section, players can get it by completing these objective missions in the multiplayer game mode only. 

The easiest way to get the NEW Bloodthirsty medal would be to pair up with your squad and start playing an MP Match and kill enemies. In order to get the medal, the player has to start a multiplayer match in cod mobile and complete the objective missions about 15 times to accomplish the given task in the game.

But since earning the Bloodthirsty medal 15 times is a bit of a lengthy process for most of the call of duty mobile players, I would like to give you a few tips who are finding this mission hard to complete. These tips are being given especially for the newcomers to the cod mobile game.

To complete the mission in the short interval of time use the following tips-

  • Using scorestreaks to have an upper hand
  • reposition yourself and Keep moving around whenever possible
  • Choose the weapons that suit you
  • Using drones available in Multiplayer mode to find the nearby enemies
  • Doing Crouch and slide

BY following these steps I'm sure you'll be able to get the Bloodthirsty medal in the game.

Please NOTE that this mission requires a bit of patience so players are requested not to panic and be in hurry to complete the mission fast.

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