Best Hades loadout in COD Mobile Season 7

The new season of COD Mobile has arrived and with it comes the addition of the Hades light machine gun. This new Hades weapon will allow players to level up their inventory and get ready for their ultimate loadout.

This season, the Elite of the Elite is getting a brand new battle pass, which includes a brand new weapon called the Hades Light Machine Gun.

To use the Hades, players must level up their pass tier until they reach level 21. Once they are ready to use, the player will be able to do so after Season 7.

The Hades' accuracy and control are its best features. However, it's also vulnerable to damage per shot. Players who have the right equipment and levels will be able to make a good loadout in COD Mobile Season 7.

The Hades is a light machine gun that revolves around accuracy and control. Its damage per shot is lower than the other guns in its class.

Best attachments for the Hades in COD Mobile Season 7

This attachment is for the Hades Rapid Fire Barrel. It will increase the fire rate, but still provide the same level of control.

Firm Grip Tape will give the Hades more ADS speed as well as ADS bullet spread accuracy. Mobility is increased and precision and accuracy is also enhanced.

An Agile Stock will give the same effect as the Grip Tape, but it's more mobility. ADS bullet spread accuracy is the goal of the Aim Assist Laser. The weapon will be laser-accurate with all 3 attachments.

With the addition of the 84 Round Hybrid Mag, users can now get more ammunition for their light machine gun in COD Mobile season 7. These features will allow players to get more damage from their enemies than they can with the standard model.

NoahFromYouTube Hades LMG loadout

Here is a glimpse of the loadout used by NoahFromYouTube for the Hades LMG gun in cod mobile season 7.

Best Hades loadout in COD Mobile Season 7
Hades LMG loadout for COD Mobile Season 7 (Picture: YouTube / NoahFromYouTube)
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire Barrel
  • Stock: the Agile Stock
  • Laser: Aim Assist Laser
  • Ammunition: 84 Round Hybrid Mag
  • Rear Grip: Firm Grip Tape

The Rapid Fire Barrel increases the rate of fire and the movement speed of the bullets. The Agile Stock can also boost the spread of the bullets with the Aim Assist Laser.

This loadout can only be completed with the use of an 84 Rnd Hybrid Mag. It can be done by attaching it to a standard rifle. I'm quite certain that this current weapon will shake up the current meta and is, in some respect it is even similar to the Chopper.

The loadout begins with the Rapid Fire Barrel, which provides the fastest fire rate in Hades' arsenal. Other attachment groups include the Agile Stock, the Firm Grip Tape, and the Assist Laser. The Hybrid Mag provides more bullet capacity.

The Agile Stock, Firm Grip Tape and Aim Assist Laser all increase ADS speed and ADS bullet spread accuracy. These are key attachments for close-range gunfights that the Hades can control with its extra movability.

Perhaps the biggest quality of the Hades, when matched to other LMG guns in COD Mobile game, is its flexibility. The Hades has a prodigious amount of mobility for a weapon of its class, performing more like an AR at times. This permits players to be more movable on the map and use some accessories or attachments that other LMGs wouldn’t make use of effectively.

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