30+ BGMI Avatar download | BGMI Premium Avatar Download

Hey Gamers, If you are playing BGMI and want to Use BGMI Paid Avatars Without purchasing them, So let me help you to do this. In this article, We are going to see how to Use BGMI Premium Avatar for Free and We will give you 30+ BGMI Premium Avatar to Download for Free.

To use BGMI Premium avatars you must have a social account linked with BGMI such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, How can you change the BGMI avatar with premium avatars. 

Bgmi Avatar

What is Avatar in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

BGMI Avatar is a profile image used in your BGMI Game. These avatars can be seen by any user and You can also change these avatars.

BGMI offers many Free as well as Paid avatars to use in your profile.

How to use Avatar on BGMI Profile photo?

There is a simple process to change your profile photo of BGMI. If your BGMI is logged in with Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter. All you have to log in to your social media account and Go to the profile photo settings there. Simply change the profile photo on your social media account and you have successfully changed your Pubg profile photo easily.

If you don't want to show this logo on your social media account viewers. Go to setting > privacy setting and change your privacy setting to private. and Now your profile setting is private and no one can see these logos.

Congratulation! You have changed your BGMI Avatar to Your Desired Avatar. 

Remember, If You Login BGMI with Facebook You have to Change Your Fb Profile Photo similar to Twitter. If You keep Your profile Privacy Setting to Only Me, then No one can See Your Profile Photo. Click Here to Know More.

BGMI Premium Avatar Download

Above some of the avatars are shown. Below Download BGMI 30+ avatars for free.

Download BGMI premium avatars link - Download Now


In this article, I have provided 30+ BGMI premium avatars for Free and also shared How you can change your profile image or avatar in BGMI.


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